Interview with an Irish Jesuit bishop
Alan McGuckian SJ, the first Jesuit ever to be made a bishop in Ireland, spoke last year to Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications about his life and ministry, particularly his work in communications, cross-community work, and parish development in Down and Conor.
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The besetting sin of banking and finance

In the summer Studies, Professor Ray Kinsella addresses the failure of banks to engage with the moral implications of their behaviour on society. They must begin a new conversation with the societies they serve, one in which they address this issue frankly.

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‘What does it all mean?’

What does is All Mean? is the latest book from Australian Jesuit Richard Leonard. In this interview he discusses how our understanding of God can improve when we strip away the myths and platitudes that are often offered to us at times of unbearable suffering.

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O’Brien Library sale in Sotheby’s

There was high interest in the 8 June sale, through Sotheby's, of the William O’Brien Library, which was part of the Milltown Charitable Trust. Moneys raised will be put towards the upkeep of buildings, the care of invalid priests, and various social and educational concerns.

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