Emergency response to rescue homeless

The Peter McVerry Trust helped shelter hundreds of long-term homeless at an emergency shelter in a south Dublin sports hall and at thirteen other emergency placements over the recent big freeze where temperatures dipped to minus 5 degrees Celsius.

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Religious imagination and public life

Edmond Grace SJ argued in a recent lecture that the exclusion of religious discourse from public life gives free rein to fundamentalism and crass populism. Religious experience, he said, is a mystery that has light to shed on human reality.

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"Can we talk about Jesus?"

The principals of Irish Jesuit schools were among the120 principals who spent four days together recently at the Loyola Retreat Centre in Spain. They were discussing the challenges and opportunities that the plurality of religions in Europe pose in their schools.

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The 'scandalous' love of God

'Hope is… being loved’ was the title of the talk given by Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications at the annual Novena of Hope in the Graan Passionist Monastery, Co Fermanagh. She stressed that God's love is always scandalously disproportionate.

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