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Rocking the pews in Moyross
On the first Sunday of Lent, the RTE TV Mass was sung by the Gospel choir of Moyross, Limerick, where Jesuit Tony O’Riordan is parish priest. Together with Jude Meaney he founded the choir last year, and it goes from strength to strength, living up to its name: Heart and Soul.

Tony explains: “We only came together last September – there was no choir before that. There are 27 people in it, including musicians, and they sound absolutely brilliant. Half the choir comes from Moyross, with the other half from parishes across Limerick. There is a lot of soul in it, a lot of Gospel choir songs, lots of hand-clapping, feet tapping and bodies swaying in the church. It ensures a lively beginning to Sunday mornings. As a priest, you have to show a bit of restraint up on the altar. It can be hard not to join in. People really do appreciate the choir when they see and hear it. We have a great sense of pride with it. They are in heavy demand, and are asked to perform in neighbouring churches.”
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